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CUT THE CABLE – Never pay another TV bill again with EZ Digital TV!


Tired of paying too much for cable TV? Here is one easy way to start cutting your bill down to size



If you’re looking for free television, there are a lot of illegal methods and only a few legal methods. We’re looking towards the legal ways that you can cut up your cable bill without having to lose all of your on-screen entertainment.

EZ Digital Antennas make a lot of claims:

  • Eliminate your monthly cable bill
  • Get FREE HD channels
  • Up to 50 TV channels to enjoy for free

But are these claims all true, or is the ad that I keep seeing everywhere just a marketing gimmick trying to get a sale? We’re going to put the EZ Digital TV Antenna to the test to see if it’s able to meet these claims.


When you go to the manufacturer’s site, you’ll find that unfortunately there’s a lot of information missing. I like to have all of the information available on one page so that I can make a smart purchasing decision.

That’s why I tested it myself and I can say EZ Digital TV Antenna is definitely one of the top choices for indoor antennas. Here are some specs and features that EZ Digital offers:

EZ Digital TV Antenna Features and Specs

  • Channels. Up to 50 channels
  • 30 miles
  • Installation. Seconds
  • 1080p HDTV, fully uncompressed

I commend the company for stating that you’ll be able to receive up to 50 channels. A lot of antenna companies have a tendency to state a much higher number. The truth is that the number of channels you’ll receive varies greatly from one location to the next.

Trees, hills, mountains and distance from your local broadcast tower will impact your antenna’s signal. This antenna was easy to place and I got all the channels I looked for.

There’s also a 30-mile range, and this is a good standard for a television antenna. You can find range extenders that can boost the signal up to 50 miles, which definitely has the potential to increase the number of channels you’ll receive.

Skylink for example is one of the antennas which include an amplifier that increases the antenna’s range up to 50 miles.

Installation is supposed to take seconds, and this may be a little bit of an exaggeration.

You’ll be able plug the unit in quickly, but there is a decent layer of adjustment needed to find the right placement for your antenna. It took me 10 minutes to find just the right location for the antenna to guarantee you’ll receive the optimal number of channels.

I like my television screen to be crystal clear. EZ Digital TV Antenna supports HD TV, so if 1080p is available, you’ll have high-definition television right on your screen.

best tv antenna reviews

best tv antenna reviews


After everything is setup, the EZ Digital antenna really does live up to its claims. I don’t know about the range, but I did have a great signal. And despite it taking longer than seconds to setup the antenna, it wasn’t any harder or easier to hook up than any other antenna.

This HD antenna ensures that you’ll be able to watch all of the shows you love.

Speaking of shows and channels, what will you be able to watch?

  • Classic TV shows

  • Classic movies

  • Kids programming

  • Cooking shows

  • Local news

  • Sports

You’ll also find that the majority of major sport playoffs and championships are broadcast for free over the airwaves.

What the cable company doesn’t tell you is that the channels you’re paying for, or at least some of them, are free. Advertisements (you know, those commercials you hate so much) are the way that these television channels make money.

But you’re also charged for them with your subscription.

You’ll receive HD transmission with 1080p quality for channels that are broadcast in high-definition. If the channel isn’t broadcast in high-definition, there’s no antenna in the world that will be able to convert the signal to high-definition.

So, you’ll be able to watch a lot of channels, shows and movies without paying a dime more than what you spent on the antenna.

What I do want to note is that metal walls will interrupt the signal. These walls will reflect the signal, causing the antenna not to work well. If you have a traditional home, the presence of metal isn’t much of a concern.

But when you have an RV or trailer, the metal walls can and will interfere with the signal.

In the ideal world, you’ll want the antenna to be facing through a window. Since a window is transparent, the signal will come through strong. You need to make sure that the EZ Digital antenna is facing towards the broadcast tower to receive a strong signal.


  • Company is honest about their 30-mile range
  • 1080p HD, uncompressed video
  • Easy install


  • Website lacks feature and spec details
  • Doesn’t include a range amplifier
  • Shipping is a bit slow

You’ll find that I am pretty honest in my reviews, but I am not sure I have ever come across a product’s website that lacked basic information about the product.

When you add that in alongside the antenna not offering an amplifier and shipping being slow, I have to give this antenna a 93% rating.

EZ Digital TV Antenna is a great product, and since it has received a 93% rating from me, you know it’s an antenna that is worth every penny.

EZ Digital Antenna works. Televison is free.

Transparency means a lot to us, and this is why EZ Digital is one of our top choices on our list.

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Tired of paying too much for cable TV? Here is one easy way to start cutting your bill down to size


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